introduction to poetry - level 4
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 3ed assignment

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Abeer Abduallah

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PostSubject: 3ed assignment   Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:33 am

The second world war affacet on people life. So ,they write about the war and painting picture to describe it. " prayer before birth " one of the poem shows to us the fears of the speaker from the war. The speaker describes the feelings of unborn babies through the war . when the speaker said "I am not yet born " he hope that he did not see the world and the war .He describes how he feel scared . Then, he asks God to protect him from all dangerous . Also , he asks God for forgivenees all bad things and sins he will do in future such as killing because he think the war will forced him to do that . finally the poem offer Parents , people and government to know their works and help children.

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Bedoor Al-Ali

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PostSubject: Re: 3ed assignment   Fri Apr 30, 2010 11:42 am

This poem which is written by Louis Macneice (1907-1963)across an imagination characterI mean a child . He gives the reader a true picture about the influence of wars in its natain especially the second world war where's a suffering from many un justice conditions such as the issue of race or in other meaning raciests and tyrants where we find that humanity is dominated and destroy by another humanity .This is always a natural and normal result of any war .I mean the destruction and corruption of the surrounded even if they are human or objects even the child who suppose to be an innocent unaware of the idea of the influence of the war .He complains her across the speaker tongue from his suffering .In other meaning he refuses his life with this conditions .Moreover he thinks that he makes some sins so, he asks for forginess for his sins which he is not commits in reality but , he imagines this finally he courses the tyrant by asking us not to let him come near him since he imagine himself as a God . Moreover, he asks the listener to help him to stand against it this tyrant strongly or he will be like an abstract object (stone) even he asks him to like him as despair child.

The tone: suffering and disappointment

Diction: I'm not born…………… who would freeze my humanity all these show how he suffers and asking for helping
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3ed assignment
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