introduction to poetry - level 4
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 3rd Assignment

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Ebtisam Al-Anezi

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PostSubject: 3rd Assignment   Fri Apr 30, 2010 10:21 am

Stop War , Save Our Soules Crying or Very sad

Louis Macneice chooses ,the most honest voice, a babyvoice to announce an urgent message to the whole world.The speaker expresses his deep fears of coming into a life that is full of fierce fight where he can only keep the sight of blood and smell the smell of death.He starts by sending an SOS to the whole people,asking them to lend an ear for he will review his basic needs which make the world a safe place to live in.

In the first stanza, he is being afraid of animal-like people who are going to injure him without mercy.They would either suck his blood, making use of the precious things he has ,or they might infect him with wrong ideas as the rat that would spread diseases among people.In the Eurupean culture, rat is seen unclean ,as it spreads the plague, which represents people who are involved in corruption.Also, the speaker chooses rat to represent parasitic people who live off other people as the rat that doesn't search for food but steal it.Similarly,he chooses stoat which attacks animal larger than itself to show the vicious tendencies among those people.Moreover, the use of "club-footed ghoul" ,which is a flesh-eating monster, implies the fear of those people who would use him and leave him pale, skeletal or lifeless.This stanza reveals the terrible state during WWII in which the world was no longer a secure place due to the spread of diseases,famine and corruption.

In the second stanza, the speaker discusses other dangers that would destroy his innocence.He greatly fears the day he might lose his freedom,being a prisoner in a dark place with tall walls.He also expresses his deep concern of such place where he might be lured by criminals who would lead him eventually to be on drug.Not only that but also he might suffer torture by different instruments of punishment that were used by Nazis during that time.Actually, he demonstrates that the world would degenerate into a bloodbath of cold-blooded killings.

In the third stanza,he feels sorry for nature that was being damaged by war.He uses words like" water, sky, light" to represent his human wants of living a peaceful life in which he enjoys the purity of the environment.Actually,he wish he could clear the atmosphere from war remains that destroy natural life.

After that,he expresses his deep sorrow in having no strength to stand in the way of people who would force him to commit sins.The recurrent use of the word "me" shows that such people would corrupt his innocence and throw him into criminality,against his will.

He also asks God support to choose the right path unaffected by the brutal world.He states his objection to the excessive bureaucracy that was increased during that period of time.He sincerely wishes to work for the elimination of expoiltation and tyranny.He fears the day that everyone will take actions against him;the day when he has no right to speak his mind due to the domination of godlike man.This part "Let not the man who is beast or who thinks he is God come near me" seems to refer to Adolf Hitler or other rulers who filled the world with destruction and murder.

In the last stanza,he wants to gain strength to fight those people who commit crimes against humanity.He deplores the fact that they would turn him into a lifeless person by which he has no choice but meeting their orders.Those people would destroy whatever is inconsistent with their avid interests, driving him out of this world.Finally,he ends with asking God protection from those who would kill him in cold blood.
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3rd Assignment
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