introduction to poetry - level 4
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 " Zinab Bajou poem 3"

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Zinab Bajou

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PostSubject: " Zinab Bajou poem 3"   Fri Apr 30, 2010 10:43 am

Louis Mac neice reflected the political and social states by his works . The period after the second world was dark full of fear and injustic . All these feeling was in his poem "Prayer before Birth " which was written at hte height of the second world war . he expresed his view through an unborn child"s voice . The title of the poem itself said that there is a problem, the child prayed to have protection and safety . The poem consists of eight stanzas full of metaphore and figure of speech as in "fill me , make me cog , make me a stone ". The words of poem full of anger , fear and sorrow . He was afraid of animals to come beside him , human being to harm him , he wanted a protection from the nature around him "water,grass and birds ". He had the feeling of gui that he wants forgiveness . He said that his childeren refuse him . He needs a protection and strength against the man who wants to remove his humanity , so he ended by saying that killing him is better than living without respecting him ."Let them not make me a stone .......otherwise kill me ." His tone was anger and fear of human race who is cruel and unfair . As he said " let not the man .....come near me. "
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" Zinab Bajou poem 3"
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