introduction to poetry - level 4
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 4th assignment

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Zinab Bajou

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PostSubject: 4th assignment   Fri May 21, 2010 12:06 pm

Zinab Bajou (441)

In her works, Emily Dickinson is interested in writing about nature with its good or bad side. In this poem hope is the thing with feathers. Emily speaks about the bright side of nature. She says that hope is the most important thing to solve any problem and give the meaning to our life. She draws this picture of hope by using the aids of birds. I think she related hope spicily to birds because birds fly aimless searching for food without knowing any specific place and then they found their food anywhere. So, we should take this massage from them.

The poem consists of three stanzas. The poet uses a regular rhyme. In the first tow stanzas with scheme a b a b, but in the third stanza she uses a slant rhyme a b c b, the poet begins by saying that hope is something related to birds and it is found in our soul, it is a spiritual thing which we cannot see and we cannot live without it. She uses a metaphor in "And sings the turne without words". In the Scand stanza she suggest the key for any problem or hard times you pass you should have enough hope to overcome these dark times, she compeer these times by a storm to birds. In the third stanza the poet says where ever you are in you need hope if you are in the top of the sorrow or disappointment just have a hope and then you will be optimistic and happy by the future.

We should take a lesson from birds which is one cannot live without hope. And we should do not dive up.
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4th assignment
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