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 5th (LAST) assignment

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Shaikha Al-Habshan

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PostSubject: Re: 5th (LAST) assignment   Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:04 pm

This poem is written by Gwendolyn Brooks. It talks generally about abortion and mother`s feelings. In regert and grief tone tone the speaker starts the first stanza describing her emotions. The poem starts by stating that one cannot forget the aborting of a child. She remembers these children and the people that they could have become. She regrets not being able to perform motherly duties or at least she could not see their little eyes in eager waiting for her to take their candies. She is haunted by the children she aborted and wishes that she could have raised them and regrets that she took off the life that they would have had. She understands that she is at fault and is ashamed that she took their lives, but still loved them.

The speaker believes that she made the right decision at the time. The statement "abortions will not let you forget" alone sets the tone for the poem. She obviously does not forget what she did and then goes on to describe why she will never forget it. With the line "I have heard in the voices of the wind the voices of my dim killed children" shows that she is haunted by her past decision and her dead children. As parents always do, she has done her best to cope with her decision but still suffers.

The line "you will never neglect or beat them" shows that she couldn`t or she doesn`t see feel she has the ability to look after the children. She thinks the better for them to be dead and not see the horrible world.

In the last lines she reassures the child that she loved it with all her heart. She says, "Believe me, I knew you, though faintly, and I loved , I loved you

Brooks really makes the reader feels for her & I do. But I`m against her point of view, no one knows what better for you nor your parents.

Thank you mrs.Ohoud

Thank you girls.

flower flower
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PostSubject: Re: 5th (LAST) assignment   Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:17 pm

"The Mother," by Gwendolyn Brooks, is about abortion and the feelings a mother has. You can feel her regret throw her tone. She is regretful, still says that she had no other choice. She feels that she did what she had to do. She is tring to make excuses for what she did. She keeps saying that she loved them very much although she did what she had to do. That clearly shows her remorse about having abortion.

Reem Al-Hemaidi
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Reem Al-Hemaidi

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PostSubject: Re: 5th (LAST) assignment   Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:51 pm

that was me. Smile
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Maram Al-Budya

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PostSubject: Re: 5th (LAST) assignment   Fri Jun 04, 2010 4:16 pm

" The Mothe "

by: Gwendolyn Brooks.

This poem talks about African - American woman who suffered from racism. She has aborted her baby, she is suffers about that and never forget it and she feels regret. Also, this poem talks about this woman who feels pain for her baby was abort. It was difficult experience for her because she will never forget that. She feels sadness for lost her baby. At the end, she says that she loves her baby.
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Ruba Al_Hebs

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PostSubject: Re: 5th (LAST) assignment   Fri Jun 04, 2010 4:27 pm

Hala AL-Sayed wrote:
okay ,,but she had been seeing the sorrow and the pain for sooooo long she knew that wouldn't change in one night..she reached a high level of desprete where there's no hope for better day at all....
What does that have to do with her abotring her children one after another?

Manal Al-Hagbani wrote:

To Ruba:
Aborting her children is not mission to be accomplished; it is bad deed. Also, the mother is too sad that she cannot tolerate the pain. So, she had never planned to do this. She probably were obliged to do what she did.
Always, I like to read your comments, Ruba.

To me, it was a mission. Besides, I don't really wanna say this, but I was being kinda sarcastic. "I hope Ms. Ohoud doesn't read this".
Sorry, I can't help it when it comes to abortion No .

Manal Al-Hagbani wrote:

To Ruba:
Always, I like to read your comments, Ruba.

Thank you my dear Embarassed

Ebtisam Al-Anezi wrote:
Dear friends Ruba & Halah I love you
Both of your opinions were really convincing! & I really enjoyed reading your lovely discussion But I don't know why I feel like you both were representing the heart-and-mind struggle. Razz You Ruba were seeing things from the deep of your tender heart , a mother heart."I know you,amigo" and You lovely Halah Twisted Evil , the voice of reason, you were following logic,which is something we cannot argue against ,also.
I strongly believe It was really a no-win solution for both of them Sad .
So, With all due respect I submit to you that

I prefer sitting on the fence Wink, in order not to be badly hurt, because you were really coming down to reality. sunny

You really don't have to agree with me, because I think you were being diplomatic to not hurt anyone.
It's okay with me, I won't be hurt, and well, I don't have marks in my hands "otherwise I would've made u".

Now, let's go back to the "Mother".
What is she afraid of? Poverty? Well, look around, half the world suffers from poverty, and yet, they manage to survive. Do you know how many people started from the scratch and now they owe like everything? A LOT. Bad environment? Many people who made a change in the whole world have spent some time in prison "what's worse than that?", take Nilsson Mandela for an example. Violence? She was still alive to write this poem, so you tell me!
On the other hand, look at some people who live in fancy houses, get high education, good jobs and yet, end up being criminals!
It's not about the people around u, it's all about u! "such a boring cliché I know, but it's actually true." People don’t just give up on life and wait for death "or burry their unborn children in some cases", they have to fight, get in control!

Maybe I 'm emotional and all that, but can't u put urself in the "murdered" unborn children shoes and not feel …….. NO WORDS!! Let's try ..… mad? Betrayed? Injustice?
Leave the mother out for a second, just one second, and think for them and then come answer me my friends.

Think of the victims. Not just because they were not born, they don't deserve being defended!
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PostSubject: Re: 5th (LAST) assignment   

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5th (LAST) assignment
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