introduction to poetry - level 4
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 the last assignment...

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Abeer Abduallah

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PostSubject: the last assignment...   Fri Jun 04, 2010 4:38 am

hello evey one Cool

"the mother" by brooks. When I read the title I guess the poem is about mother and her children, but it is actually the opposite. This poem is about mother who had many experience of abortion. And she feel sorry of losing her children. The mother through the stanzas has a sufferance because she abort her baby. And she describes her feelings. At the end she says, " belive me, I knew you, faintly, and I loved,I loved you all" after she describes her great feelings she says this that she is sorry and repentance about what she said. A strong emotion in this poem that describe affliction of women at that time, I think she use symbolism to describe the situation of women at that timeā€¦
Thank you..

miss i sent the first & second assiment as a guist because i had problems with fourm.. Neutral :
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bedoor 42

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PostSubject: Re: the last assignment...   Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:00 pm

The speaker a dresses her\ his child by addressing any one who suffers from racism by using the second person pronoun you. It means that it is the issue of all the p people who suffers from discrimination since, she compares between their suffering and the woman who born by Abortions so, none will not forget since she does not have the children . She was born those children who was wet without any hair. Even the singers and workers who never breath the air of freedom. Moreover, he will never beat or neglect. In addition the child will never enjoy himself with sucking his thumb like other children or scuttle off ghosts that com so, he still hears the voices of the wild as a symbol of the destruction the voices of the destruction of the darkness of the children. However , They are at their mother's breasts they never suck since they suffer the presentation from any kind of enjoy met. Then he says, he will not whine even if he stole his birth, his names , his marriage or in other meaning his death where he poisoned his first breath. It means that there's not any difference between life and death for him because he is victim of other man crime as a dead because the date of his born is the same date of his death from her comes the contrast in his feeling which is mixing he does not know what to do exactly to laugh or to cry. So she ensures to him that she love him/ her since he/she is apart of her .
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the last assignment...
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