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 My Best Friend

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Moneirah Al-Wetaid

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PostSubject: My Best Friend   Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:00 am

Hi sunny how are you?

did you sleep well? Razz

all right then, I picked up this simple poem , I want you to analyze it by heart not reading others' analysis or searching about any thing, just give me your opinions and reflections.

belongs to an unknown Neutral

My Best Friend
Today I found a friend,
Who knew everything I felt.
She knew my every weakness,
And the problems I've been dealt.
She understood my wonders,
And listened to my dreams.
She listened to how I felt about life and love,
And knew what it all means.

Not once did she interrupt me,
Or tell me I was wrong.
She understood what I was going through,
And promised she'd stay long

I reached out to this friend
To show her that i care
To pull her close and let her know
How much I need her there

I went to hold her hand
To pull her a bit nearer
And realized that this perfect friend I found
Was nothing but my mirror

P.S: if you have a real friend you absolutely will be touched by these words I love you

also, Msr. Ohoud you can join us with your opinions
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Sara Al-Subaie

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PostSubject: Re: My Best Friend   Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:55 pm

Asalamualaikum :

This poem is kind of confusing Exclamation

I think who wrote this poem didn't really have a friend
the author thought his only guid was to follow his heart

" And realized that this perfect friend I found
Was nothing but my mirror"

and these two verses show that he was talking to him self
and you know what I might understand it more if I analyze it

I'll be back Very Happy
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Sara Al-Subaie

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PostSubject: Re: My Best Friend   Fri Jun 25, 2010 3:47 pm

The author here starts his poem by saying : “My best friend”
He started this statement to reassure that he’s talking about his best friend not any body else’s best friend He says : MY . going on , the author is telling his best friend a story that happened to him when he says ‘I found a friend” Who knew everything about me and knew about all my feelings if I’m sad , happy or mad . This friend knows even my weakness and she actually knows the problems I’m going through . When ever I wonder about something , she knows what I’m thinking about . When ever I dream she knows , what’s my dream and she tries so hard to help me fulfill that dream . So you see , the first stanza is telling all the good qualities of this mysterious friend . It’s almost like his shadow going where ever he goes .(Amazing) Who is that friend????. Shocked Arrow
Than in the second stanza the author is telling the readers how gentle this person is . She never ever tried to interrupt him in any kind of circumstances . Than he says “or tell me I was wrong” I kind of disagree with this one because it’s not right to look at someone’s mistake and do nothing about it especially if it was a close friend . You should tell her about her mistake and convince her in a nice way that what she’s doing is wrong because who knows , she might hurt people’s feelings because of her actions .
She understood what I was going through,
And promised she'd stay long
He’s saying that she understood what I was going through and she gave me a promise that she’ll always be beside me to support me .

In the last 2 stanzas the author is very proud to a have a friend like her and he decided to show his gratitude and appreciation to her . So , he set off to hold her hand and than all of a sudden he realizes that , that friend was nothing but his reflection in the mirror.

You know what that tells me ????
It tells me that this writer has a friend but , he realizes that he can’t only depend on his friend to do everything (that’s impossible)
It’s up to you to do the job , if you wanna be a doctor It’s you who should work hard to fulfill it . If you know you’re doing something wrong , don’t wait for your friend to tell you , It’s you who has to figure it out and fix it on your own .
End of my analysis _

SO what do you think ??? Smile
Are you guys with me???? Smile
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Shaikha Al-Habshan

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PostSubject: Re: My Best Friend   Sat Jun 26, 2010 12:15 pm

Hi sweety

Really nice poem.

Can you believe what just happend

I spent TWO hours analyzing the amazing poem

& when I pressed send the connection was out

I think you guess now

I promise tomorrow ISA I`ll post mine here.

HaPpY hOlIdAy
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Shaikha Al-Habshan

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PostSubject: Re: My Best Friend   Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:14 am

Hello there,

Here is my analysis Smile :

The poet is expressing in her own way who`s the best friend in her poem “My Best Friend”. In the first stanza the speaker is telling about her real friend that she knows every single detail about the speaker. That great friend can read the speaker as if she is an open book. She knows her feelings towards any situation or anyone even if doesn`t talk, as if all her inner thoughts or emotions printed on our speaker`s face. Thus, her friend knows her weak points in her personality, moreover, knows how the way she handles the problems and obstacles she faces. She understands the speaker`s concerns or thoughts & also listens to her dreams and her visions for future. Another thing is that her friend listens to the speaker`s noumenon, her perspective about abstract terms ”life & love” and what they mean.

In the second stanza, the speaker tells how gentle her friend is, she says when speaks to her regardless her feelings at that moment her friend never interrupts by judging ,completing or anything, instead her sweet friend listens to her in silent. Actually, she is a great listener. Not just that, her best friend never says you were mistaken in this or that, she does that in an implicit way, in order not to hurt the speaker since she knows her very well, so she knows what the speaker likes or hates. Also, another characteristic emerges of her friend, she is noble & loyal she sits next to the speaker in all the difficulties & promises that this will be her position no matter what the situation is. That impressive friend wants to prove to the speaker that she won`t be alone any more, she will be here beside her encouraging, consoling & relieving.

The speaker in the third & fourth stanzas wants to prove to her great friend how valuable she is in nonverbal way. The speaker explains how that words impressing her , to is now needing that type of relation, the great friend and wants to show that she appreciates her and wants her to be always closer more than anyone. So, the speaker wants to hold her friends hand & to send all her appreciation & all feelings at that moment to the irreplaceable friend. She does not want to lose her , but she realizes the reality in front of the honest thing in this life, her mirror, never lies. That mirror tells her that the perfect friend is never been there, actually none of humans is perfect, everyone has his own faults or disadvantages which make their uniqueness. If the speaker looks for that perfect friend she will end up solitude in front of her mirror.

I might agree with speaker in some points of the best friend. She is absolutely right when she says that she`s the one who knows you even if you didn`t talk, she knows you beneath, as if she`s your” soul mate”. Moreover, when you are disappointed, upset, or happy you find her name flashing on your cellphone or by coincidence you run into her. She advises you & leads you to the right path when you are blind. It doesn`t matter what you share in common, but in short she is the one you can trust& talk to openly & can read your face as if your inner thoughts are printed on.


I don`t know why I judged that the writer is a female lol! I`ve just noticed myself saying SHE & HER, but I think I`m right scratch Don`t you think so. Exclamation

Hope you like my comment geek

Waiting for you Mrs.Ohoud, Moniera & the girls.

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Sara Al-Subaie

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PostSubject: Re: My Best Friend   Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:59 am

Asalamualaikum girls flower

beautiful Shaikha Smile I like the way you analyzed it . It's almost similar to mind , exept I didn't understand the idea of the last stanza scratch

but , I think I can a gree with yours because this poem IS talking about her best friend . I thought the author was giving us afew tips about how should friendship be

I have to admit , I did enjoy analyzing afro
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Mrs. Ohoud

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PostSubject: Re: My Best Friend   Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:31 pm

Hello everyone,

I really enjoyed reading your analyses Sara and Shaikha cheers . Personally, I agree with Sara in her first post. I think the speaker is trying to send out a message saying that no matter how many friends you have, and no matter how much they know you, no one truly understands or knows YOU as You understand yourself. I strongly believe in the importance and power of friendship. My friends play an important role in my life but when it comes to analyzing/understanding/managing my own feelinds, making decisions and so on it is very important to listen to what my mind and heart tell me before turning to anyone else. This brings us to a point raised by Shaikha, namely that nobody is perfect. No matter how much you trust your friend's judgement, you should also think for yourself because s/he might be wrong about you.

PS: Shaikha, I understand why you assumed that the speaker is a female. Simply because it is not everyday that you see a man writing about his emotions in this way Razz .
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PostSubject: Re: My Best Friend   

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My Best Friend
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