introduction to poetry - level 4
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 assigment 1

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PostSubject: assigment 1   Thu Mar 25, 2010 6:42 am

Analysis of 35/10 by Sharon Olds

The poem 35/10 by Sharon Olds , the speaker uses melodious and envious tones to arrive her feeling about her daughter youth. A thirty five years old woman , the speaker , and she know that she starting to age of aging while the door to womanhood is opening for her daughter . When the speaker says to herself " the silver – haired servant " uses a wistful tone. The speaker is resentful of age and she senses her power is very weakening and her daughter s power is very strengthening , that s when she is behind her daughter . The speaker senses that she lose her youth and she is sadness for her advancing years . It shows when she asks " why is it? . She is weary for why she is older . The speaker is envious that her daughter is on puberty and beautiful , she is in a middle age and becoming aging . Then the speaker shows her jealousy by describing her body as weak while her daughter has a strong and powerful body . AT the end of poem the covetous disappear and the speaker know that this is the life process stats at birth and powerful and ends at death.
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assigment 1
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