introduction to poetry - level 4
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 1st Assignment

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Huda Al-dosari

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PostSubject: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 7:28 am

35/10 poem is a narrative poem it was written by Sharon olds .she is American poet. The title represents to ages the mother 35 years old and the young girl 10 years old. The mother was comparing herself with her daughter when she looks to the mirror. She describe herself which she has a grey and silver hair (that is mean she is older) and dry skin while her daughter which she has a brown hair and perfect skin. there are images and symbols such as silver hair, grey gleaming, flower(mention to youth) , the fold in my neck as the fin bones of her hips sharpen(she is comparing between herself and her daughter which the mother is older and her daughter is youth). Finally, the mother know that is the story of replacement
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1st Assignment
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