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 1st Assignment

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PostSubject: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:11 am

The poem 35/10 shows clear comparison between a mother and her daughter. The age is title which tells us the differences from the beginning. First, the difference is described in the appearance of the daughter , the brown silken hair , fine bones of her hips and the mother in grey hair , silvered-hair , fold in my neck . She tells us you can see these clearly in the mirror, the youth and the old. The poet here sees herself as the servant of her daughter. She is also feeling sorry of being old because she can no longer have any children; which means she is dying, yet her daughter has a whole life to live. Here, she is wondering but telling us a fact; at the time we grow old, our children begin to flourish . She is wonderfully describes the effects of being old in the body and deep inside ourselves. The poet ends her poem telling us that this is the story of life, as we replaced our mothers, our daughters are going to replace us as well as theirs will do ,"replacement".
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1st Assignment
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