introduction to poetry - level 4
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 2nd assignment

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Ebtisam Al-Anezi

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PostSubject: 2nd assignment   Fri Apr 09, 2010 10:10 am

Impressive one! Neutral

This poem is a realistic demand for women's rights that were thrown away in that time. The topic ''To the ladies" implies the message she wanted to convey to the ladies that did not tie the knot yet. She was actually trying to make them aware of what is going on the so-called marriage. She is like preparing them for such kind of a living hell. First, she announced a shocking fact, revealing that the primary duty of wives is just to serve up. She was trying to say ''Do not expect more than a status of a servant. All what you have to do is just to listen and obey''. She admitted the fact that marriage contract was unbreakable under any circumstance. Wives were cut off their basic right to demand divorce when things get worse. As a matter of fact, marriage was a one-sided relationship where the husband was the only crowned head. It seems that women were responsible for everything even to fulfill the ''the word obey'' when it has been said. There were no mutual rights but the unquestioning obedience to the husband. All the false promises to honor and love were broken with the last word husband had to say in ''the word obey''. Thus, man started to show his ugly face where there were no place for any such kind feelings. Women were supposed to be tongue-tied since the final word is only for men. They were not free to look, speak or even to move unless they were given a nod by their dominant husbands. Men also exceeded the limits to dominate women's rights to express themselves. Women were suffering under the domination of men in a world of hate, pride and haughtiness. At the end, she was appealing women , with an urgent tone, to fight the domination of men and burst with pride.

What is her take on marriage? is she with/against it? Do you agree/disagree with her?
The angry tone of the poem best describes her attitude toward marriage.Actually,If I were one of her audience in that time, I would boycott marriage for ever.

What are the differences/similarities between women's rights in Christianity & Islam?Actually, this poem is a hard evidence that shows the greatness of Islam. Women in Islam obtain a superior status where they must be treated as if they are queens. That is, prophet Mohammad ,peace be upon him, at the end of his life recommended people to honor women. Prophet Mohammad asserted women's rights as a mother, wife and as a daughter. Unlike Christianity which considers Eve,not the Satan, to be the cause of the disobedience and ; therefore the fall from heaven. So, they believed that women are the responsible for all the troubles they had on earth.They assumed that women are found just to bear children and nothing else.Another thing, they said it's fair enough for women to be dominated by men because they cannot be equal,and if so, struggles will never end.In aother words,They see women as their own in which they have the right to treat them the way they like.No.

I was really shocked by their false beliefs and I just want you to remember that all these facts are taken from their Holy Book.

[b]What are the differences/similarities between women's rights in Christian culture during the 17th/18th centuries & Saudi society today?
As far as I am concerned, women in Saudi society enjoy a high status due to the God-given rights. It's true that "Every medal has its reverse'' and there must be some men who represent Islam in a wrong way but we should keep in mind that whenever we want to judge a religion we have to look at the concept of that religion not the behaviors of its followers.So,there is no comarison between women's status in Saudi society and in Christian culture.
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2nd assignment
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