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introduction to poetry - level 4
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 4th Assignment

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Ebtisam Al-Anezi

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PostSubject: 4th Assignment   4th Assignment EmptyFri May 21, 2010 6:28 am

"Never Say Die"

It's hope that tickles the soul,making one dares to step outside the boundaries of despair. ''Hope is the Thing with Feathers" depicts this thrilling feeling as a singing bird that settled in your soul, inspiring you to wait for a better tomorrow.Such uplifting tunes help you exceed the limits of present realities so that you can fly over life and never stop at any difficulty. It's also the sweet voice of hope that keeps lifting up your spirits whenever the severe difficulties crop up.Tha fact that life obstacles can abash the bird,making hope dwindle, it remains possible that hope can repress despondency, deppression and despair.Actually,hope is the thing with feathers that keeps you feel warm so that you can cope with whatever obstacles confort you, making you feel cold, lost and unwilling to do anything .Even though, hope works wonder on human soul,it will never cost a bit.

Actually, HOPE is what turned things upside down, making me write overhere Razz

Quote :
All right, so the poem draws a perfect picture of hope but I think "The thing with feathers" describes freedom better than hope, don't you think so colleagues?

Umm actually, I disagree with you on this part,dear friend. Twisted Evil I think it fits well because when she uses this metaphor "Hope is the thing with feathers", she tries to show that hope is like a bird in two ways.
First, feathers provide a bird with insulation which keeps it feel warm,and so deos hope. It makes one feel warm, enthusiastic and eager to accept life challenges.
Secondly,feathers help the bird to fly so high and so hope that keeps you survive ambitiously,making life moves, otherwise your life would be as pale as death.About freedom, I think "wings" not "feathers" is the thing that best describes frredom.

Thank you amigo,you've raised a good point.
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4th Assignment
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