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introduction to poetry - level 4
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 sorry im late

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4th assi

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PostSubject: sorry im late   sorry im late EmptyFri May 21, 2010 7:12 pm

hi teacher ,,
i know im too late to post my analiyz but im really sorry this days my net have a problem , it dosent work and the days befor full of exams ,,
i hope u will understand and accept it sorry im late Icon_smile

"Hope is the Thing with Feathers " it's a poem that written By Emily Dickinson , who is foucs in his poem in hope and the relationship between the hope and the bird , in the first stanza he compear between the bird that have feathers which take him from a place to another and how it's helps him in life and gives the happiness to him , just as the hope dose to us , it's takes us from level to another in life , gives us the happiness and make us optimastic , also he says that the bird sings without words and it's songs gives the happiness as the hope dose it's sings to our souls , push us and give us the power to move on to our goals and all of that we feel it with out words we just feel it as when the bird sings without words and we njoy ,,

in the second stanza , he describes the hope as a "sweetest " thing when every thing goes on a wrong way , also it's makes us warm and happy even if every thing is bad just as when the storm or the coldness there the bird kept so many warm just as hope , it gives us the power when every thing go in a badly way ,,

in the last stanza , he try to tells us how much hope is important and gives us the support to goes on , how its helps us to be happy and successful no matter what go on and never tells us to return what it give us , just as a bird ,, and that what speaker want to us to understand from the poem ..

_ _ _ _ _

at the end i hoppe that u will accept it and i'm really sorry

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sorry im late
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