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introduction to poetry - level 4
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 second poem

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In the poem To the ladies the speaker shows similarity between wife and servant in the 17th and 18th centuries. Woman has no rights back then, she was a servant to men when she get married, she has to obey, love, and serve her husband. It is also talk about crulty of men and they want the women to be like the maid for them to have no right to object anything they says even that was entitled for her. Marriage seems to be taking men's side against women when the word "obey" is included in the unbreakable vows. And to make things worse, after guaranteeing having a wife, the real man shows, exposing the ugly, fierce side of his. I agree with the poet about that women should value themselves and take a stand against men’s control, but I disagree with her about that women shouldn’t marry at all. In Islam, the rights of women are well protected. For examples of the difference, in seventeen and eighteen centuries believe that men better than women and they created to serve men. And in those centuries trades with her as a something isn't has any existence. Also, they made woman concentrated in the beauty, lavish attire, food, and textile clothes. Islam gives women all their rights .it draws a line for them what they should do and do not. There's no any kind of comparison between the women's right between Christian and Saudi society .although women's right wasn't as much as obvious right now in the Saudi socaity, but it never reached that level in Christian.
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second poem
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