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 1st Assignment

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Latifah Al-Helal

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PostSubject: latifah Al-Helal   Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:14 am

35/10 Written By Sharon Olds.
It is a narrative poem because the mother is the speaker.
She makes a comparison between her daughter and herself in which she shows the aspects of differences.
The title of the poem represents both ages, the mother is 35 years old, and the daughter is 10 years old. The age affects on the mother on her look: (hair and skin). The words in the poem i.e. gray and silver represent the mother. However, flower and white silken represents her daughter. The daughter has brown and silky hair but her mother has gray and silver hair.
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Hind Al-ketheriy

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PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:27 am

hello teacher flower
this my analyzeand sorry for late

35/10 is a poem written by sharon olds. The title explains what the poem talks about . The speaker of the poem is a mother, she compares between herself and her daughter before the mirror. Why she has a grey hair .while her daughter has a brown silky hair, she describe her as a beautiful flower on the opposite of herself .she is wondering what is the secret of life that makes people getting old. At the end she knew that the secret of these changes is the age and replacement which is the oldest story that will keep going till the end of live.
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Bedoor Al-Ali

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PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:53 am

I try to analyze the poem by finding out the main idea through the lines.

This poem is written by Sharon olds it is narrated by first person point of view since she tells the reader about her own experience .The speaker analyzes the main characteristics of her age as it is considered as the first steps to old age .It means that the human's stage ages are changeable and each human must cross his age to the following once by time. The speaker refers to her old age by comparing herself to her daughter by referring to the main characteristics of the old age I mean her grey hair this color which always refers to the old age in contrast with her daughter's brown hair which refers to her young age. The most important thing is about the mirror which always reflects a true picture of human's life. In addition to this she tells the reader about her reaction which represent the normal reaction of any one at the begging of this stage as unacceptable stage by asking himself way ?At the same time she convince himself by saying it is the normal course of life and he or she begins to be older. In addition to this characteristic which refers to the old age the speaker lists other main characteristics of the old age like the folds which appear in old ages in human's body specially in her neck and her bones which always become weaker empty from the skin and always appear in special places in her. From this point the speaker makes comparison between her activity and her daughter is more activity than her when she falls over her or ,when she hug from her. There is not affixed life stag for any one and each one will meet & face his end> generation go other generation replace them as it is the course of life.

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Shaikha Al-Habshan

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PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:00 am

I`m sorry Embarassed

I forgot to add my opinion about

" precise flower on the tip of a cactus"

As we all know the cactus is the strongest plant.

I think she describes her daughter as a catus flower to show her youth in a rough life. Her age enable her to tolerate and deal with life situations unlike her mother she`s getting old and those whom getting old they are diminsh thier patience as if they are saying: We had enough.


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Monira Al-Otaibi

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PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:14 am

This poem is 35/10 written by Sharon Olds
First of all , I will comment on the title < 35/10 > it symbolized their ages …// I mean : the Mom is 35 years old.. and her daughter is 10 years old ..

*The poem on general is talking about the replacement … So, Every thing have to change by time…

In first 2 stanza :
She is describing her young daughter hair ,,
Which is brown & silky ..
Unlike the mother hair which is grey & gleaming >> its roots began 2 come white ..
Then, she described the beauty of her body that seem to be amazing flower And she have her time 2 bear children & give birth < again > unlike the mother …

>>> I do not consider it as jealousy ….!!!

There is No mother jealous of her daughter
I think : she was aware that time is running out.. and this is the time 4 others to live …>> this shows how wisdom is she ^_^
She realized at the end that < this is the what the live is >
Every thing have 2 change by Time ….
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PostSubject: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:19 am

The poem 35/10 shows clear comparison between a mother and her daughter. The age is title which tells us the differences from the beginning. First, the difference is described in the appearance of the daughter , the brown silken hair , fine bones of her hips and the mother in grey hair , silvered-hair , fold in my neck . She tells us you can see these clearly in the mirror, the youth and the old. The poet here sees herself as the servant of her daughter. She is also feeling sorry of being old because she can no longer have any children; which means she is dying, yet her daughter has a whole life to live. Here, she is wondering but telling us a fact; at the time we grow old, our children begin to flourish . She is wonderfully describes the effects of being old in the body and deep inside ourselves. The poet ends her poem telling us that this is the story of life, as we replaced our mothers, our daughters are going to replace us as well as theirs will do ,"replacement". [b]
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Manal Al-Hagbani

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PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 11:01 am

Hello Mrs.Ohoud,
I tried to do my best. cheers

No doubt that all of us will be getting old after the age of childhood. This is life. Sharon Olds, an American poetess, wrote in 20th century a poem called "35/10", which discusses the cycle of life, how a human generation is replaced by another. This was done through a comparison between her as woman and her daughter as young girl.

"Brushing out our daughter's brown silken hair before the mirror ." It is the first verse of the poem. Olds here brushes her daughter's hair which is brown and silken; she says "our" to mean that she does not talk only about herself, but also she talks about all of who have daughters or children in general. Then, the poetess sees the greyness of her hair. She imagines herself as a servant who is combing her daughter's soft hair. "Why is it," she wonders. She raised a philosophical question; why when people begin to go or get old, there
is a new generation arrives to this life.

After that, she begins to compare her body with her daughter's by showing the clarity of the folds in her neck and the clarity of her daughter's fine and young bones, or body. While there are marks or holes on the surface of her skin, her daughter's skin is smooth and soft like a cactus flower. Her choice of the cactus flower may be based on the fact that is the only beautiful thing found between thorns in the desert.

Moreover, she has no chance to bear a new child because she does not have young and healthy eggs like her daughter's, which are about to burst out. Her quotation "her full purse of eggs, round and firm as hard-boild yolks, is about to snap its clasp" could that her daughter is going to reach maturity while the poetess herself is fading away.

At the end, while the poetess was combing her daughter's good smelling and tangled hair, she mentions the story of replacement. She means by that, when a generation is born and mature, the previous one collapse and maybe die. This is the oldest story on this planet; this is the everlasting philosophy of life and death.

I hope you prefer it Smile
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Zinab Bajou

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PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 12:03 pm

The speaker in poetry 35/10 by Sharon Olds is the mother of youth daughter. The speaker notes that her daughter is approaching puparty and full of energy with excellent beautiful brown silken hair and nicely looking healthy skin. The speaker memory went back decade ago when she was exactly like her daughter. The speaker appreciates that the life clock dose not stops for anybody. The speaker felt sad for herself while she is approaching her middle age. Her outside appearance changed markedly her hair become silvery white and skin become wrinkled shape. She comments at the end saying that this is the nature of life to keep the wheel of life going on.

Zinab Bajou (441)
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Abrar Al-Ghamdi

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PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 12:11 pm

Greeting ,
This view is analyzed in the poem 35/10 by the poet Sharon Olds . study

" Brushing out our daughter’s brown "
In the first verse she proves the idea of that she is not just talking about herself but there is someone else that she's sharing her feeling with .
” our daughter’s ” it could be someone related to her or someone who passes through the same hurtful experience .
They are getting older together but they are watching their children shining in front of them while they are about to leave their life ..
Using the term " brown " gives the stanza a touch of gloom and sadness,
When old trees start to have number of brown leaves by time reminding it that it is the begining of the end .
and we as human being feel pity for these leaves .
It's exactly the same with humen being behind every shiny girl with brown hair there is a gloomy woman with white hair .
" silken hair before the mirror "
The word mirror gives a reflection of strict truth and no matter how ugly or marvelous what is reflected it gives the exact pictre of what's in front of you .
here the mother is watching her hair and it's telling her that she is getting older
this hurtful fact is reflected as hard as it is to the mother..
" I see the grey gleaming on my head, "
The color grey gives impression of hesitancy .. life is two sides either white or black...
but here the mother stands in between..refusing believing the truth and living in sadness...and longing to youth and white shiny life
" the silver-haired servant behind her. "
The mother here considered herself as a servant for her daughter .... She spended her whole life dreaming about a daughter and then raising her up
when that girl reaches the most powerful stage in her life the mother got shocked because of the stage that she dreamed about putting her daughter in the same stage
she is afraid of herself..
" just as we begin to go
they begin to arrive "

At this line she states her pains directly..in order to be sure that everybody gets her point either by hints before
or by this direct line...

" the fold in my neck
clarifying as the fine bones of her
hips sharpen? "

The neck is the most place of the body that shows the furrows first , that's why the speaker chose it specifically .
Because she is in her old age she realizes that her neck is all full of lines and furrows .
The bones in the middle of the body is a symbol of youth
and when the girl start to grow up it is the first part that starts to grow which shows that she is overripe
and she just started to grow .
" As my skin shows
its dry pitting, she opens like a moist
precise flower on the tip of a cactus; "

Here is a simile of her dry skin part of the cactus plant .. and her daughter is like the pointed part at the top of the wet cactus thorns
This symbolizes a big thing .
The first part in the wet cactus does not produce until it absorb all the moisture in the plant cactus ..
For this reason, we believe that every part of this without the very dry and crusty ..
while the very wet and soft here symbolizes the youth and the reasons why she gets very old .
because she lived her entire life working for her daughter to have a beautiful life .. and this left her as an old crow

" as my last chances to bear a child
are falling through my body, the duds among them,
her full purse of eggs, round and
firm as hard-boiled yolks, is about
to snap its clasp. "

Here the mother describes that she doesn't have any chance to get prignet but in the other hand her daughter has a chance to .

" I brush her tangled
fragrant hair at bedtime. It’s an old
story—the oldest we have on our planet—
the story of replacement. "

Here she chose bedtime because it's known as the time of harmony and spirituality
and it's the most time that the person is honest with him\her self .
She tries not to face the truth that she is getting old but but when bed time comes she admited that she is really getting old .
She means that it is an old story of the human's creation , and this is proved by verses in thier divine books from beginning to end

Back to the title :
In the poem she talks about herself and doesn't ask for anybody's help . She is chanting to the god
and she reminded me of " Psalm 35:10 " (New International Version)
10 My whole being will exclaim,
"Who is like you, O LORD ?
You rescue the poor from those too strong for them,
the poor and needy from those who rob "
No fence but I chose this book because it's related to her religon .
and this actually made me realize why she chose 35 not 40 or not 10 not 15 .
and she noticed also to put the large number on top for two reasons :
1- They were created first .
2- 35/10 is 3.5...real number...but 10/35 is fictional number , in psychological studies : when you are giving something to others to believe you introduce it with a strict real title , nothing more strict than number's languages and to be real the larger number is on top . This gives the listener an impression of being easy and flexible to accept the coming information without refusing it .

Sorry for taking long silent
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Betoul Ali Al-Mahmoud

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PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 1:00 pm

Good evening Mrs. Ohoud ,

Sharon Olds imagine by this poem the difference between the tow generations,
the generation of the mother who combs her daughter's hair and the generation of the daughter. Through the description of " daughter's brown silken hair " is a metaphor of her daughter's youth time. In the same moment ,
the poet " see the grey gleaming on my head " which is metaphor of her weakness time. In the poem, the poet describes her body marks which show the time passing in the verse " tip of cactus " now she is thinking how can bring a baby. All these ideas were passing in the mother's mind. The last verses " the story of replacement " is the thesis of the poem.
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Anfal Al-Modarraa'

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PostSubject: Anfal Al-Modrraa'   Fri Mar 26, 2010 1:52 pm

Gleaming: shine
Fold: crumple, furrow, crimpy.
Fine: very delicate, narrow or small.
Pitting: Scar
Moist: wet
Precise: exact
Tip: the end of a cactus
Cactus: is a thick fleshy plant that rows in many hot, dry parts of the world.
Chances: haphazard, luck.
Bear: to give birth to a baby.
Eggs: seed
Duds: clothes
Firm: strong
Hard-boiled: the eggs have been boiled in its shell until the whole of the inside is solid.
Yolks: the yellow part in the middle.
Snap: breaks suddenly
Clasp: small device that fastens some thing.
Tangled: twisted together in an untidy way.
Fragrant: sweet small, perfumed.

Consonance: Brushing – brawn / begin – go / pitting – opens /chances – child / body – duds / purse – round/ snap-clasp.
Alliteration: Brushing – brown / grey – gleaming / hair – her / Silver – servant / fold – fine / her – hips / hair – her.
Rhyme: Snap – clasp / hair – her.
Assonance: hair – her / snap – clasp.
(She compares between herself and her daughter and describes the relationship between her and flowers to show the replacement.)

She brushes her daughter's brown silken hair then she sees her grey hair that serves her daughter.
Her silver – haired arrive the fold in her neck
Her dry furrow neck like daughter's sharpen that are a very small bones. Her daughter appear as a fresh flower on the head of a cactus . Poetess makes her daughter similar to the flower between hard ships of life.
Her last luck, she gives birth to daughter as the flowers have eggs that are round and strong like hard boiled yolks.
At bed time, she brushes her daughter's twisted perfume hair like the flowers have perfume leaves. Notice, she said "story" "bedtime" "fragrant", usually the story was told at bedtime with a sweet smell.
This is the story of replacement that the woman gives children. Then, the children will give the children when they grow up as same as the flowers. They have seeds that produce other flowers.
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أزهار المسكين

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PostSubject: the 1st assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:05 pm

this poem is narrative , the mother is the speaker , she brishes her daughter's hair and talks before the mirror , realizing that she is aging while her daughter is blooming , it is a comparision in which she describes the biological differences that are clearly visible ,the daughter had silky brown hair while the mother has gray hair , she notices that the age has affected her skin and shape , it is also a story of replacement because the mother finds her self in her daughter.

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Raneem AL-Suliman

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PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:07 pm

Sharon Old's poem "35/10" tells a story about a mother and her daughter. The title is represent their ages. 35 is the mother's age and 10 is the daughter's age. The speaker in this poem is the mother. She makes a comparison between herself and her daughter when they are standing before the mirror. The mother realize that she started to grow up while her daughter just begin blooming as a flower. She notices her silver hair and the fold in her neck when she brushing out her daughter's brown silken hair. And at the end, she makes us understanding that the story is a story of replacement of generations.
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Moneerah Al-Subeeh

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PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:28 pm

35/10 is a narrative poem which is written by Sharons old . It shows the reality of our life . At firstly , the poem talks about amother who is brushing her daughter hair in front of the miror. She compares herself with her daughter . She describes her daughter with silken brown hair and soft skin as abeautiful rose. while she has agrey hair in her head and adry skin. During the poem we noticed that the mother expressing her feeling about getting old by comparing herself with her daughter. At the end,the feeling of depressed is what the poem shows.
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jenan al

PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:40 pm

The speakers' fell depress when she compares her self with her daughter she thinks that her life is going to end wail her daughter's life is just going to begin.
Her hair is gray and her face is all wrinkled while her daughter’s hair is brown and her hips are sharp, she is old and her daughter is young and beautiful as flour.
In my opinion it’s the tall of the circle of life but the speaker describe it in a Depressing way.
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Reem Al-Hemaidi

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PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:52 pm

Hello Mrs.Ohoud, girls,

I think that my comments are different from everybody else,regarding what I read. I'm going to write what I thought and felt after reading the poem many times(my point of view).

I think that the speaker is a woman whose dreaming about her imagenery daughter. Also, she's having an imotional moment. She talks about how generations follow by generations. every generation is replased by another generation, that's what she meant by the oldest story(the story of replacement). allthough, Idon't think that anyone can be replaced by someone else or a generation can be replaced by another generation because everyone exists even if they actually don't as long as they came to this life. In addition, I don't think that the mother comparing herself with her daughter as almost all students said but what I'm trying to say is the woman discribe the diffrences between generations and she is not jealous at all of her imagenery daughter or even depressed. the woman feels that she's getting old which is completly normal to feel this way. the stanzas of the poem symbolize eldary and youth. I think that what the mother noticed is so normal and it happens to everyone at a cirtin age but the smart one who wont care about it that much. So, heshe wont get depressed or al least became pessimistic. That is the reality of life. It happened for the people before her and now it's happening to her and it will happen to her daughter. She's probebly having a middle age crisis. On the other hand, she should
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PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:52 pm

the poem is 35\10 by sharon old . the speaker describe her dauter . also ,she compare between her age and his dauter . it has an images like grey and pitting . it is narrative poem .
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PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:55 pm

the poem is 35\10 by sharon old . the speaker describe her dauter . also ,she compare between her age and his dauter . it has an images like grey and pitting . it is narrative poem .
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Reem Al-Hemaidi

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PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:00 pm

focus on all the good positive things she's having about her age. For instance, all the experiances she had , her wiseness and her mature mind,etc. Each age has its inner beauty and magic. Moreover, I don't think (disbite what everyone else said) that she is 35 years old because if she were so,she wont have a grey hair,fold neck,etc(at a narmal basic ). She would be a young woman.
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nouf altamimi

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PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:00 pm

Sharon Old shows us in her poem 35/10 the mirror refliction of a story of life. A poem is about a daughter who is going to be like her mother and the mother wich was a young girl on day . It talks about a mother when she burshed her daughters hair and thinking of life . she feels that she gets old while as her daughter is young and beauty. further more , she starts to memorizing that she was a young girl and she had a brown hair as the different of how she looks now.
finally she tolds her daughter a bed time story to pre pearing her of being a mother on day .and this is a replacement.
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Reem Al-Hemaidi

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PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:05 pm

It's obvious that she is older than 35 also her daughter is older than 10. what I think is the title of the poem shows the fifference between generations. As we all know, the difference between one generation and another is around 33 to 35 years.
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Reem Al-Hemaidi

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PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:15 pm

All what I've said is the survice meaning but the deep meaning -from my point of view- is that the woman narrate the eternity story which is the circle of life( the seirse of generation) and this is the secret of life. Also, the deep meaning could be that the woman in the poem was revising or remembering the past years of her life since she was a child until she became an adult woman and the mirror reflects the changes that happened and effect on her outlook appearance ( the biological changes)
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Reem Al-Hemaidi

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PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:26 pm

Sorry Mrs.Ohoud for replying manytimes but the time was rushing and I was afraid of loosing the mark.
and thank you for letting us say whatever we want to say and express our feelings.
also, I hope (after you close the replies) you tell us your own analyzing. Please, I'm so interested to know what do you think about the poem. Very Happy

thank you

Reem Al-Hemaidi
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PostSubject: Re: 1st Assignment   

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1st Assignment
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