introduction to poetry - level 4
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Norah AL-Modiny

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PostSubject: 2ND ASSIGNMENT   Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:50 am

Analysis of “To The Ladies” by Mary, Lady Chudleigh

This poem “to the ladies” by Mary Chudleigh is about the role of women and their rights in the 17 -18 century .In that period the men had the authority to do everything ,but women had no rights no say in anything because even though she may be a lady, she is in no position of authority. Women just serve their husbands .because the traditional marriage service called for the wife to "love, honour, and obey" her husband in the other hand the husband promised to "love, honour, and cherish" his wife.

The speaker in this poem I think she don’t hate marriage .she just hate how the society think of her as a wife .And she wants the people change that image about marriage. And I agree with her because even now in the 21 century. There are still some men think like that. But Islam tells us to respect women. And both genders are equal.

In the first six lines the speaker tone is anger and confused .because the wife and the servant are the same .but the only difference between them is the title of “wife”. The speaker says “the word obey” here we can see that the only task for the wife is to obey her husband .When the speaker says “fatal knot is ty’d” she refers to the marriage. Marriage is usually associated with new positive beginning. But in this poem the speaker is saying when the woman gets married, there is no away out, and it’s a death of freedom. In the next six lines the speaker wants to know how the wife should behave. If the cruel husband believes that his wife laughing, looking or speaking would break the marriage contract. We can see that when the speaker says “but to look, to laugh, or speak/ the nuptial contract break”.

Then the next six lines the speaker tells us how the wife should behave. When she says “Like mutes/ she signs/ govern'd by a nod/ must serve/ still obey" here we see that the wife at that period served and fear hrs husband as God. With no rights no say in anything. The tone is sad and disappointed. The last six lines the speaker want to say that the husband thinks he know what his wife want and need “her haughty lord thinks fit”. Because of his power and position in society. Then the speaker says “shun, oh! shun that wretched state/ fawning flatt'rers hate” the woman should avoid the miserable state of marriage .and hate all men who flatter. Instead the speaker says “value yourselves/ be proud" they must be proud. And they should value themselves if they are wise.

The theme in this poem is to massage every man. That women are more than a wife who obey only .They can achieve things and try to change the society to better place. And may be the wife can be more successful than her husband. And do much better than him. In the end women should have rights like men and they should be proud of themselves.
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